Priority 1 Signs is your one stop shop for all of your sign needs.

Graphic Design

The newest department at Priority 1 Signs is the Graphic Design Department. Physical branding goes beyond the exterior signage and extends into the interior walls of all of your locations. Our team of highly qualified and experienced designers will not only create a logo for you but also help you to rebrand your current look.


Priority 1 Signs specializes in the fabrication of front lit channel letters, reverse channel letters, front lit-back lit channel letters, monument signs, interior signs, and directional signs. P1's state-of-the-art facility can handle your largest projects. Whether providing signage for a national rollout or a complete company rebranding project, Priority 1 Signs' expertise, attention to detail, and cost-saving initiatives will be the driving force behind your sign production.


In addition to designing and manufacturing signs, Priority 1 Signs will install all of your signage to abide by regulations and code compliance. Our team of professional installers will not only install new signage but also remove any old or damaged signage.

Sign Code Development

With over 25 years of sign manufacturing and installation, Priority 1 Signs provides guidance to property owners and developers on guidelines that correspond with the City’s signage codes. These guidelines are developed with the purpose of keeping the property uniform and up to standard by preventing tenants from not following safety standards and by prohibiting impaired signs.

Sign Repair and Maintenance

Our services ensure your sign lasts as long as possible; however, due to uncontrollable elements, signs can be damaged. Thus, Priority 1 Signs provides sign maintenance and repair services for existing and new customers.